The Horrors Of ANZA

EJ unearths horror in the desert

**EJ Rescue has rescued over 40 animals from a rescue that was responsible for the deaths of a number of dogs, in sickening circumstances. EJ Rescue had the misfortune of discovering the bodies in person, and acted quickly to get the animals belonging to the rescue out of harms way.

Donations are greatly needed for the vetting all 40+ animals, and to get them to new rescues and into forever homes.**

Press release: Death in the desert

Bodies of 11 dead dogs found in the Anza desert; reportedly deaths caused by Susan Nash of Bluetopia Rescue

John Murray, otherwise known as “English John”, founder of EJ Rescue in Southern California, made a gruesome discovery, deep in the Anza desert.

2 adult Chihuahuas (one of which was decapitated) and 4 puppies found dead in a freezer within Susan Nash’s property
5 pitbulls found dead, buried in the Anza desert with gunshot wounds to the head
A further 3 bodies reportedly buried on Susan Nash’s property.

When Mr Murray agreed to help Susan Nash, of Bluetopia Rescue, with placing her animals with alternative rescues as she wished to “take a break” from rescue, he could not have imagined the horror that was about to unfold.

After taking in 18 dogs from Ms Nash (and placing half of these dogs with another rescue), and then a further 10 dogs, Mr Murray was approached by Jennifer Greenfield, who had been living on Susan Nash’s property for a period of time, with some shocking revelations. Naturally, Mr Murray sought proof of Miss Greenfield’s claims and witnessed the most “sickening” sights of his life.

Ms Nash, having experienced a separation from her husband, was not present at the property which she had formerly shared with her husband, Elias Stubbe, and her young son. Upon entering the property, Mr Murray was presented with the dead bodies of 2 adult chihuahuas, 1 who was decapitated, and the other who had its stomach ripped open. They had been stored in a freezer by Miss Greenfield, who claimed to have preserved them for “evidence”. A further 4 approximately 1 week old Chihuahua puppies were also found in the freezer (their bodies were in tact). Miss Greenfield claims that Susan Nash allowed the adult chihuahuas to be attacked by her pitbulls, resulting in the injuries sustained. She reported that the puppies died of natural causes.

Miss Greenfield went on to explain that there were 3 pitbull bodies buried on the property, 1 of which was Ms Nash’s personal dog, and the other 2 belonging to the rescue, were reportedly shot and buried for unknown reasons.



Miss Greenfield then described how Miss Nash, after becoming frustrated with the animals for fighting each other, paid a hitman to take 5 pitbulls out into the Anza desert and shoot them.

Again, Mr Murray set out to verify these allegations, and was saddened to learn the appalling truth. Using a shovel, he uncovered the decomposed bodies of 5 pitbulls, and a coyote, in the desert earth.

bluetopia death

Sure enough, the dogs had gunshot wounds to the head. The hitman himself actually spoke to Mr Murray and also verified Miss Greenfields claims, and told of how he lined up the dogs, feeding them in the opposite direction so “they didn’t know what was coming”, and cold heartedly shot each dog dead. The anonymous hitman claimed that some of the dogs were sick, but some were “sweet” and seemingly healthy. These events reportedly took place within the last 2 months.




bluetopia dead dog
bluetopia death
bluetopia dog death
bluetopia dog death


Ms Nash denies the allegations publicly, however, admitted them privately to Mr Murray; when he told her he knew about the bodies, she cursed, and claimed that she was “overwhelmed” and would never rescue again. Mr Murray is also in possession of photos of the bodies, and of course witnessed the abhorrent scenes when he uncovered the bodies first hand.

Animal Control inspected Ms Nash’s property, and deemed there to be too many dogs remaining on the property. Mr Murray managed to save the animals remaining on the property from being taken into the local kill shelter, and instead, whisked them away to safety, and for a thorough inspection by the vets; this included a further 8 dogs, 3 cats, 2 horses, and some chickens. Many of the animals Mr Murray has taken under his wing were in dire need of vetting, including a dog with a broken leg and absyss, a dog with internal bleeding after seemingly being attacked by another dog, also a dog with cancer of the penis. Assistance is needed with funding subsistence, vetting, boarding, and transport, to afford these animals with the care and the new start they deserve with new rescues / new homes.

Ms Nash had many people fooled, and came across as a reputable rescuer to many. The events have been reported to the appropriate authorities, and Ms Nash has admitted to “hiding out” with her son and her new lover. Meanwhile, Mr Murray has taken on a hell of a responsibility in rescuing over 40 animals from these dangerous circumstances. He even cut short a holiday with his new fiancée to deal with this situation. Donations are greatly needed to assist with his efforts to place these animals with new rescues and in new homes.


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