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‘Changing a life forever, one dog at a time’

Reunited Dog English John

God and Rescue

God and Rescue I was driving home when I saw this little girl by the side of the road, she had accidentally ran over a large rock and her car was stuck. I stopped and asked if she was ok. She said “I can’t move my car I’m stuck on this big rock” I tried to disl
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English John

Pit Bull Fighting Rescued

Pit Bull fighting She’s only young please help Ejrescue@yahoo.com
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English John rescue

Peaceful Best & Heavens Angel are saved

Peaceful Best & Heavens Angel are now safe and saved at EJ Rescue.
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English John

New Years Steve getting his mange scrub

New Years Steve getting his weekly rub an scrub he has mange He just loves this   New Years Steve was stopped within 1 hour of going to the shelter. He is in a very poor way and needs medical attention and neuter. Please share or donate to ejrescue@yahoo.com via paypal
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Weimaraner English John

Please share 2yr old Weimaraner male at Los Cabos

Please share far and wide 2yr old Weimaraner male at Los Cabos Humane Society Please let’s get him out
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Abandoned Chihuahuas EJ Rescue

Hollywood’s New Plague

They have become the  must-have celebrity accessory, beloved by stars such as Paris Hilton and Britney Spears. But Hollywood’s craze for so-called ‘handbag’ dogs has led to an explosion in the number of chihuahuas being abandoned at animal rescue centres. Now a big-h
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