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Day 70 of 90 – Meet CALI

CALI and them there EYES she is an owner surrender on Day 70/90 of the kicker countdown She is kid cat dog friendly 16 dogs Rescued 1cat 8 dogs adopted Vet bills $6000 donations so far $95.00 please donate via paypal ejrescue@yahoo.com or please share far and wide sharing is caring
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english john rescue

Day 71 of 90 – PINKY and PERKY Rescued then Adopted!

Day 71 of 90 of Kickers countdown The Universe just keeps giving PINKY and PERKY the PAIR that was named after my friends BOOBIE’S who is now recovering from Cancer They have been adopted together. It is so nice to keep a bonded pair together Bravo this ones for you dollface its
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english john rescue

Day 72 of 90 – Meet Jack Black

Day 72/90 everyone meet Jack Black 2 yrs 4 lb of hunk of burning love He’s lucky number 13 dogs saved 7 adopted and one cat.  
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English John Rescue

Day 73 of 90 – Jana is now available

Day 73/90 to Our liccle Kicker Countdown EJ rescues Jana She is now available for adoption 12 dogs rescued 1 cat 7 adopted
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English John

Day 74 of 90 – HONG KONG STEWEY

HONG KONG STEWEY is the 11th Dog Rescued in day 74/90 11 dogs Rescued 7 adopted including 1 cat please share far and wide
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English John Rescue

Day 75 of 90 – DIN DIN saved

Day 75/90 of the Kicker countdown DIN DIN saved by EJ Rescue 10 dogs rescued 7 adopted I think it’s safe to say she’s home
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Day 76 of 90 – GIGGLES is adopted

GIGGLES is adopted in the KICKER countdown day 76/90 10 dogs Rescued 6 adopted please share far and wide if you get the GIGGLES for this awesome family pic
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Day 78 of 90 – TROY From Cali is now adopted

Day 78/90 of KICKERS Countdown and its a good reason to call it Fabulous Friday . TROY From Cali is now adopted by her Mum Robin Thanks to Zizi Knudsen and hubby Murray Knudsen for taking him in and loving him till he was ready to be adopted Zizi will be shedding some tears over this
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Day 81 of 90 – In Canada with Molly Hammy & Tutu

I touched down this morning in Canada with MOLLY HAMMY and TUTU. That is now 10 dogs rescued and 4 rehomed if you would like to donate please paypal ejrescue@yahoo.com so we can continue or even better share far and wide.
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stolen dog

STOLEN – 2pm – 19th July 14 – Get Bear back to us

STOLEN At 2:00pm, July 19 at pet Valu Royal Oak, 8888 Country Hills Blvd. A rescue dog was TAKEN from the adoption event by an unknown female. The woman’s description is…. – Caucasian -Late fifties -Heavier Build -Eastern European accent – Shorter bleached hair
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