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‘Changing a life forever, one dog at a time’

Day 82 of 90 – Tutu Rescued

TUTU owner surrender in California 8 dogs rescued 4 rehomed Please donate via paypAl Ejrescue@yahoo.com
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Day 83 of 90 – Dezzy is rescued.

Dezzy is adopted 8 dogs saved 5 rehomed please share far and wide for donations paypal ejrescue@yahoo.com                     awwwwwww  best friends furever.
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Day 84 of 90 – Hearty (Sam) is rescued

I intercepted an owner surrender 14 year old Hearty (they called him Sam ) Because he has heart problems So far that’s 8 dogs saved 4 rehomed Who would like to comfort Hearty when he’s ready to leave and not a moment before.  
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Day 85 of 90 – Peanut and Lucy Rescued

Day 85 / 90 of Kicker coming into the world Peanut and Mum Lucy who is again with child thanks to irresponsible owners She is due end of the month – 7 dogs rescued 4 re homed.
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Day 86 of 90 – Molly & Tilly Saved

Molly 10 and Tilly 9 senior yorkies a saved by EJ Rescue now in Furever homes 5 dogs saved 4 re-homed
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Day 87 of 90 – CERO is adopted

Day 87 /90 of the kicker countdown CERO from San Diego adopted That’s three dogs Rescued 2 adopted so far Please support us by donating and sharing.
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Day 88 of 90 – PEPPER

Day 88/90 EJ saved Liccle PEPPER from Fort Smith Northern Territories in CANADA so the countdown to KICKER is in full swing 3 Dogs RESCUED FIFI MAX AND PEPPER and FIFI rehomed 1 lb in belly fat please share far and wide for donations paypal ejrescue@yahoo.com
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Day 89 of 90 – FIFI Adopted

Day 89 of 90 day countdown to Kicker coming into this beautiful world of ours EJ Rescue now have Rescued 2 dogs MAX and FIFI FIFI was adopted here she is with her new Parents 2 dogs Rescued 1 re-homed 1lb lost 29 to go. Please share far and wide if you would like to donate please payp
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Day 90 of 90 – Max from Airdrie

We are 90 days away from Kicker entering this world Trina made a snarky comment about my belly all in jest so I made a pact to lose it before kicker is born we are also going to post every dog we save and re-home from know until LUCAS is born so stay posted on this special 90 day jour
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english john

DOLLY goes to her new home

DOLLY dumped in a field with pyometra last week Look at her new digs EJ and Murray Knudsen of BBIN of Calgary dropped her off today Please share this awesome update to all your Pit Bull groups far and wide
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