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‘Changing a life forever, one dog at a time’

Appeal in CANADA

VILLAGE CALL appeal in CANADA I need a runaround vehicle cheap and cheerful or free. To be used for loading crates, food blankets and of course animals for adoption events and home visit checks. If anyone has any leads. Please let me know 562 274 1964
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English John

CiLLA scares Beauty and Monkey Butt Albert

CiLLA scares the bejeezus out of Beauty and Monkey Butt Albert hiding under the covers.   [FB 669215629802984]
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English John Rescued

Suzy is Adopted

Adoption in -32 degrees EJ Rescue works in any kind of weather. Suzy from Rescued from Riverside has been adopted this morning. Now I’m off for my reward……. To watch the 2nd love of my life LIVERPOOL  
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Mutha Clucka Saved from Bonita Shelter

Mutha Clucka and her. 6 chicks Saved from Bonita Shelter EJs a daddy
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ej rescue

Skipper and Valentine saved From Moreno Valley

Skipper and Valentine are officially saved and are now knackerless From Moreno Valley
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A massive thank you to the Staff at STARLIGHT CLINIC Especially Dr VANDER and Dr FREIDLANDER for giving a lot of free time for me and the dogs this bill should have been a lot higher with The Anza Horror  bill for over ground and air transport hit over  $10,200!! Thank you for the sha
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English john

we had to let BRAVEHEART go

We had to let BRAVEHEART go yesterday. My vet put it so beautifully EJ “Braveheart was a sponge that was sitting in a puddle of love and he had to soak it all up before he left us” No more pain big lad
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bluetopia death

Confirmed FAITH was shot in the head

When the vet scanned the remains of one of the dogs we discovered in the desert at Bluetopia, it has now been confirmed that the chip number is FAITH. She was shot in the head. The chip number found on the body was 009007049. Bluetopia had claimed (lied) that she was adopted.   &
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English jong rescue

Miracle dogs of Anza Coco HOMED

The miracle dogs of Anza World famous child actress Angel Berry offered to foster Coco. Coco has lost 7 teeth and Angel put COCOs pulled canines with a note to the Toof and Woof Fairy asking for Coco to get a Furever Home for Coco. The next morning the Toof and woof fairy left this no
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Monkey Butt Albert

Monkey Butt Albert Bless his little heart….
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